UPDATED! Exclusive : Clarke, Huston circling Noyce’s Beyond Suspicion!?

UPDATE : Huston has officially signed. Hearing that Colleen Camp (“Knock Knock”) is producing the film, with Chris Gerolmo (“Mississippi Burning”, “Over There”) on writing duties.

Hearing that Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”) and Jack Huston (“Ben-Hur”) are in final negotiations to star in Phillip Noyce’s thriller ”Beyond Suspicion”. Adapted from Joe Sharkey’s book of the same name, the movie is slated to begin shooting May 23rd in West Virginia.

Amazon description of Sharkey’s novel :

Rookie FBI agent Mark Putnam was pleased with his assignment to an office in the hill country of Kentucky as it would allow him the freedom and independence to make a name for himself and get ahead. He began cultivating informants and pursuing bank robbers and chop shop operators. One of his informants, Susan Smith, an attractive drug user with connections among the rural underworld, was one of the most useful and one of the most troublesome. Becoming emotionally (and financially) dependent on Putnam, she began to inject herself into his personal life, finally taking advantage of Putnam’s troubled marriage and seducing him. This tangle of motives and loyalties ultimately led to a confrontation wherein Smith threatened to reveal that she was pregnant. Allegedly, she also attacked Putnam physically, and he responded in the heat of the moment by strangling her. Sharkey makes both this scenario and Putnam’s subsequent actions to cover up the crime psychologically believable. By implication, Sharkey condemns the FBI for encouraging the use of paid informants, but the force of his story lies in the sharp characterizations, the human drama, and the tragic inevitability of its conclusion.

Clarke, whose other credits include 2015’s “Terminator : Genisys” and “Dom Hemingway”, most recently shot “Me Before You” (out June 9) for director Thea Sharrock and Eric D. Howell’s “Voice from the Stone”. Huston, who got his break on “Game of Thrones”, appeared in the films “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, “Hail, Caesar!” and “Ben-Hur” (out August 16), playing Judah Ben-Hur himself. Both are hot commodities right now!


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