About this Craig quitting 007 rumour..

About this James Bond rumour, pertaining to Daniel Craig’s supposed exit from the role.

It originated from The Daily Mail. A Tabloid posing as a newspaper. Plus, their source was another of their atypical anonymous types. Everyone’s picking it up because they’re tired of printing yarns out of Cannes. Simple as that. It’s fun, believable gossip – but that’s all it is, gossip. I doubt there’s any putty to this brick.

While it’s no secret that Daniel Craig is nearing the end of his tenure as 007 – he’s hinted himself at a departure sooner rather than later – he hasn’t left yet. He’s still James Bond as far as the studio is concerned, and for all we know, is already gearing up to star in the next installment. So before we swallow the word of an outlet who’ll next week be reporting that Halle Berry’s left earlobe was found to contain alien DNA, let’s wait on some kind of confirmation from Craig, the studio… or M.


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