Dwayne Johnson in Fast & Furious spin-off talks

Dwayne Johnson’s producing partner Hiram Garcia tells ComicBook.com that plans are still afoot to give Johnson’s “Fast & Furious” character his own spin-off.

The ‘Hobbs’ character, says Garcia, is one the duo love as much as audiences do and they’d love nothing more to explore the man more.

“I think there’s always been conversations for that. The scheduling of it all is a challenge but there are always talks about a potential spinoff movie and what we can do with it. DJ and I were just talking about that the other day – our visions for it. There’s a real goal for that and we can have enough fun with that where we’ve earned that now with the audience.
He’s a beloved enough character that they’d love to see what a ride with him would be like in his world. We have tons of history that we’ve crafted for this guy that we continue to sprinkle in throughout the movies. You’ll see a little bit more in this movie but ultimately we want to take that ride and spin him off and have some fun with it.”

Meantime, you’ll see Hobbs in next week’s “Fast & Furious 8”. Unlike the last sequel, Johnson has a bigger role in this one.

“I’ve been in the mix with Chris Morgan, the writer, really dialing in the Hobbs character, which is one of our all-time favorite characters. Hobbs was one of the first characters we merged together on and when Fast approached [Dwayne Johnson], telling him about the character they wanted to create, [Dwayne Johnson] and I were able to sit down and craft this guy that we would just laugh out loud at the lines we would come up with. When you can say you’re gonna put a hurt on someone so bad you’ll make their mama wish they kept their legs closed, stuff like that where we can’t even finish the line before laughing – that’s the fun we love. I love coming back into this space. On the last movie, due to schedule restraints, we were only able to play on it for a couple weeks. In this one, we’re really spread throughout the movie, so it’s great to be back up here and we’ll be back on set on Wednesday.”

As for when Johnson would even fit in those ‘Hobbs’ spin-off!? Judging by the slate ahead of him, it’s still a couple of years away.

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