Indiana Jones 5 progress : Williams commits! McGuffin found!

Over the past 24 hours to things have come to light.

Firstly, I’m no longer a fan of dark beers. They just don’t do it for me anyway. I need light, girly spritely bottled offerings.

Secondly, that recently announced “Indiana Jones 5” (aka “Indiana Jones and the Redemption for Crystal Skull”) seems to inching closer. Press your old man trousers, Harry!

So, Steven Spielberg has confirmed that they’ve decided on a storyline for the film – or more particularly, the ‘McGuffin’ of the piece. If you don’t know what a McGuffin is, Google it.

Also, famed composer John Williams has confirmed that he’ll be in charge of the soundtrack’s string section again – which makes sense considering he’s the only one who has ever worked on the ‘Indy’ music, and he came back for the new ‘Star Wars’ films.

No word yet on Shia LaBeouf’s participation. Maybe he’s the McGuffin?

“Indiana Jones 5”, again starring Harrison Ford as the Man in the Hat, hits cinemas 2019.

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