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Why RoboCop bombed, according to its director

Several years after his ”RoboCop” remake crashed and burned at the box office, director Jose Padhila has spoken out about the behind-the-scenes troubles that plagued the production.

“I didn’t have the creative freedom I needed. I spent 90% of the time fighting. It made me realize that making a studio movie is not the same as making a film. I will think a million times before getting involved in another production of that size again. I got into this Hollywood business thinking that I could make the film I wanted, with my cinema criteria. My mistake. I’d rather face the reality than make movies about superheroes.”

The remake of the ‘80s classic grossed only $58 million from a $100 million dollar budget. Considering the numbers, any sequel plans to the 2014 film would seem to be definitely off-the-cards.

Via ‘Screen Daily

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