New Star Trek series title announced; test footage revealed

CBS Studios unveiled the first look at new “Star Trek” series “Star Trek Discovery”, premiering in January, at Comic-Con today.

The new series will fix not on the Enterprise but on the ‘USS Discovery’.

The show, which will feature new characters and new missions, will begin production in Toronto in September.

David Semel (“Buffy”) will direct the pilot.

“One of the things that is exciting for me is that we are telling a ‘Star Trek’ story in a modern way,” Showrunner Bryan Fuller previously told Moviefone. “We’re telling a 13-chapter story in this first season. It’s nice to be able to dig deep into things that would have been breezed passed if we were doing episodic and had to contain a story to an episode. We are going to be continuing [Star Trek’s] tradition of progressive casting and progressive character work to be an inclusive world. That’s the most promising thing that ‘Star Trek’ offers, is a vision of the future where we do all get along.”

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