Comic-Con : Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow

Lots of info, and some video treats, were dropped at The CW’s panels for “Arrow”, “The Flash” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” today.

Firstly, “The Flash” unveiled a first look at it’s upcoming third season – which fixes around the ‘Flashpoint’ storyline. By looks, Eobard Thawne returns, Cisco hits it big, Mom and Dad ‘Flash’ are alive and well, Wally West is the local hero (‘Kid Flash’), and Doctor Alchemy will prove the biggest threat this season to the artist-formerly-known-as-The-Flash.

Over on “Arrow”, Oliver and Felicity put together a new team of heroes to help them defeat the new big bad, Prometheus (not to be confused with the Prometheus from the “Justice League” stories).

On the “Arrow” panel it was also revealed that Katie Cassidy will be back – and she’ll appear across all four CW superhero shows (including “Supergirl”). It’s unknown whether Cassidy -whose Laurel Lance died at the end of the fourth season of “Arrow” – will appear as Black Canary on Earth-2 doppelganger Black Siren but either way sounds like she’ll be crossing paths with her once-beloved Oliver Queen again.

Meantime on “Legions of Tomorrow”, we’ll see Hourman joining forces with Stargirl, Obsidian and Dr. Mid-Nite – roles of which have yet to be cast.

The Legion of Doom will also come into play, and that club will feature such members as Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller).

“For season two of Legends, we decided that the perfect antagonist for TV’s first-ever team of Super Heroes would be TV’s first-ever team of Super-Villains, recruited from the ranks of Arrow and The Flash’s deadliest adversaries,” said Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim. “Being huge fans of the Challenge of the Superfriends, we’ve come to call this group our ‘Legion of Doom.’”

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