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Sutherland : Jack won’t be back for new 24

Despite some scuttlebutt last night that we might just see Jack Bauer later on on “24 : Legacy”, the actor – for the moment – rules out reprising his TV signature role on the spin-off.

Plugging his new show “Designated Survivor” at the TCA’s, Sutherland told Deadline there are no plans for him to guest-star on the Corey Hawkins-starring actioner.

“There are absolutely no plans for that,” Sutherland, who will be an executive producer on “24 : Legacy”, said.

It was “24” and “24 : Legacy” executive producer Howard Gordon who flamed the rumour mill with a possible Bauer reprise when he said at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, “I sure would love to see (Sutherland) at some point on the show, and I don’t think he’s ruled it out, either.”

Gordon later backpeddled a bit by suggesting the idea of Sutherland reprising Bauer for the new show is just a pipe-dream at the moment.

While Sutherland says he won’t be back for more “24”, it’s quite probable he’ll change his mind if a good storyline opportunity opens up, his new show gets the can early or Fox come begging him – maybe to give the show a boost around sweeps time.

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