Man of Steel 2 to fly at Warner!

Hot on the heels of the cinema robbery conducted by his colleagues the “Suicide Squad” over the weekend, Superman is eyeing his own return to the big screen sans Batman.

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros has put a sequel to “Man of Steel” in active development.

Despite the mixed reaction to the Zack Snyder directed movie, the 2014 film generated quite a pretty penny at the box office (same too with fellow DC films “Batman v Superman” and the aforesaid “Suicide Squad”) and the studio is sticking with the current big screen incarnation of the character – as opposed to rebooting the series again (a’a “Spider-Man : Homecoming”).

The next time we’ll see Henry Cavill as Superman will be in 2017’s “Justice League”. With a number of DC projects in line to go before it (including Ben Affleck’s solo “Batman” film), it’s likely the solo “Man of Steel” jaunt won’t hit theaters for a couple of years.


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