VOD Views – August 9, 2016


In the last few VOD views we’ve talked about how the rise of the YouTube star is affecting the rest of the industry. Here’s an interesting tidbit that’s also set to change the way the industry markets to viewers because of online video stars.

A recent trade magazine feature on how digital video talent is changing the industry had an interesting statistic. According to one of the metrics used to measure celebrity and brand awareness personalities from traditional media are still better known, but the interesting thing is that fan engagement among digital stars is higher than that measured for movie, TV or music stars.

In other words, the people who love YouTube and Vimeo stars really love them, following, watching, tagging and whatever else kids do nowadays much more than any other demographic does for the Tom Cruises and Beyonce’s of the world.

Behind the scenes of the content providers, big media company TimeWarner recently bought 10 percent of digital video provider Hulu, a US$583m deal that gives the studio a new reach onto our small and handheld screens. It’s an interesting move considering the other owners are competing studios Disney and 20th Century Fox, as well as Paramount owner and cable provider Comcast.

On VOD now or soon, Disney’s critical and commercial smash The Jungle Book, a charming live action update of the 1967 animated classic featuring a kid, a loincloth and an entirely CGI world and co-stars.

At the other end of the ratings scale is X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All-Time, which the producers promise is a poignant commentary on the lasting and underestimated impact of the adult entertainment industry on the world as a whole.

The specialist label XLRator Media is fairly synonymous with fast paced action or horror that doesn’t scrimp on blood, which makes its latest slow-burn release Sun Choke all the more intriguing. It tells the story of Janie, recovering from a violent psychotic break and subjected each day to a bizarre holistic health and wellness regimen. But when she develops an obsession with a stranger, Janie’s buried demons begin to surface.

Also out, A Bigger Splash, an all star movie which tells the story of a rock star (Tilda Swinton) vacationing with her lover (Matthias Schoenaerts) on an idyllic Italian island when they become swept up in jealousy and passion when her former lover (Ralph Fiennes) and his daughter (Dakota Johnson) show up.

And lastly, its release was slightly overshadowed by Warcraft, so one video game adaptation you might have missed is Ratchet & Clank, the story of two accidental heroes who join forces to save the universe with an amazing voice cast.