Ordinary World


Billie Joe Armstrong stars in his lead-debut in the aptly titled ”Ordinary World”, written and directed by Lee Kirk is a comedy-drama that focuses on growing up and discovering that things can’t always stay the same.

Armstrong plays rockstar-turned-family man Perry Miller, who pines for his former life as he struggles with normality on his 40th birthday. He’s swapped the Fender for nappies, and is struggling to come to terms with no longer being in a punk band playing in dingy pubs with fans surrounding him.

After his lawyer wife (Selma Blair) and daughter (Madisyn Shipman) seemingly forget his birthday, he takes the day off his hardware store job to reclaim his youth with an over the top party in an unaffordable hotel room, enlisting help from his old band mate Gary (Fred Armisen).

Armstrong surprises with a believable acting performance, channelling his Green Day persona to impress as the rockstar dad, trying to break out of his normal, mundane life. At the end of the day, Perry has to work out what’s more important – his band, currently rounding out decade long hiatus, or his family, who just want dad around.

Ordinary World won’t win any awards for complex and thought provoking storylines but is relatable for anyone who perhaps hasn’t forgotten what it was like to be 20-something and have no responsibilities.

A cute and relatable story, touching on the values of family, friends, temptation and responsibility.

“Ordinary World” is now in limited theatrical release and available On Demand.

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