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Kevin Hart talks Jumanji sequel : “The audience is in for a treat”

Kevin Hart, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, says the upcoming “Jumanji” sequel isn’t a restart of the franchise but a continuation of the story kicked off in the Robin Williams original.

“I don’t want people to think that we’re redoing Jumanji — it’s a continuation,” Hart said at the premiere “Kevin Hart: What Now?” in New York City on Wednesday. “If Jumanji was to move on, this is what it would be.”

Hart, who stars alongside Dwayne Johnson in the film, said the new film is set in the same universe. Nobody wanted to recreate the original movie.

“I think the audience is in for a treat, you know? Not only do we have a great cast, we have a great director [Jake Kasdan], and I think he’s doing a great job of putting the film together.”

The film is shooting in Hawaii which Hart says gives the film an authentic feel. “We’re in a jungle, so you’re getting a real effect.”

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