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Paul Feig talks Ghostbusters sequel – is there one?!

It’s still not looking good for the newly-relaunched “Ghostbusters” franchise, with the director of the 2016 reboot all but confirming that there’s no plans for a sequel.

There’s “Nothing that I am aware of”, Feig said when asked by Entertainment Tonight on whether there was another film in the works. “You know, I think everybody is going to wait and see how the DVD sells and how our digital sales are. It’s expensive to make these movies and the people who paid for it, the studio, they’ve got to be the ones who want to make it and so far, no word. But I’m very proud of this film and if this is the only one I get to do and the only one with this team, I’d be very, very proud of it. And if they want to do another one or do more of them, I think that’d be really fun too.”

As the end of “Ghostbusters” (2016) hinted, the next film – should it ever come to be – would likely feature the girls taking on the villain Zuul.

“There definitely was a world in which we thought we could start to bring that element in and possibly that character. It was a fun little thing to drop in, and once you go into the next thing, then you try to figure out exactly what you’re going to do with it.”

So, in other words, if you were a fan of the Kristen Wiig-Melissa McCarthy movie (and lots were) pick up that Blu-ray or DVD.. you might just get a sequel. Gotta say, it would be a shame not to see Chris Hemsworth’s hilarious Kevin again.

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