Fresh off the Star Destroyer presses! TV Spot, Banner for Rogue One

Disney’s marketing department must be run off their feet right now – what with the “Rogue One : A Star Wars Story” release date so excitedly closing in. Sure, the film likely won’t make – and I believe I read it wasn’t tracking as high – a “Force Awakens” style dent on the box office, but the “Star Wars” name alone should at least guarantee it chalk up a spot on the most profitable films of 2016. I think that’s a given. If it isn’t, Disney sure are determined to make it so.

Latest marketing materials released for the Yuletide release include this terrific new banner – which you may have spotted on the social networks – and a brand-new TV spot.

“Rogue One : A Star Wars Story” – which, for the unversed, isn’t a chapter in the traditional Skywalker saga but rather a standalone movie that takes place in the same galaxy (complete with Darth Vader appearance) – opens December 16.

May the financials be with you, Disney.

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