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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta makes a date with September 2018!

The Lady Gaga starring “A Star is Born” has been scheduled for a September 28, 2018 release.

Warner Bros, who have the long-gestating (so tardy one wonders whether there’s going to be interest in the title?) musical, have Bradley Cooper attached to direct. Cooper, of course, more than well-equipped to handle behind-the-scenes shenanigans having been a fixture on the “Alias” set all those years ago.

The studio has also slotted a couple of other releases into spots. “Everything, Everything”, based on the YA novel, is due to come out August 18, 2017, and “Rampage”, starring Dwayne Johnson (needs more work that guy), will come out at Easter – April 201, 2018.

Meantime, Warner Bros has yet to schedule a date when they’ll shitbomb Bret Ellis’s house after he rubbished the script for their upcoming “The Batman.”

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