Why we should be happy about Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher’s affair..

So out of character for her (snigger), Carrie Fisher has let rip with a no-holds-barred, screw ’em-style confession today : She bumped uglies with Harrison Ford on the set of “Star Wars” waybackwhen. Yep, Princess Leia really was having Han Solo work on her buns (the hair! the hair!) each morning.

While the jaws of many fans dropped to the floor upon hearing the news, none of it should surprise you – both were young, hot newcomers at the time, and spent a lot of time together on the set of those three original films; furthermore, Ford was a part-time carpenter so it’s not surprising to hear he was carrying wood.

Apparently the duo got together after George Lucas’s birthday party and it continued throughout filming of “A New Hope” back in ’77. That night, Ford wasn’t Solo…

Fisher and Ford in "Empire Strikes Back"

Fisher and Ford in “Empire Strikes Back”

Bottom line : That off-screen chemistry obviously spilt over onto the screen because there’s moments that really pop, romantically-speaking, between Captain Solo and the artist formerly known as Leia Organa in those movies (particularly, “Empire Strikes Back”).

But there’s one main reason why we should be pleased Fisher’s come out and revealed that she once shared a quilt with Ford :



That could’ve happened. The impressionable young Fisher could easily have gone for the fellow Skywalker.

Somehow I don’t think we’d ever be able to get that out of heads had the actress revealed she was using Mark Hamill’s force behind-the-scenes. Faux siblings or not, we’re thankful we don’t have to go there.

But in all seriousness, it’s understandable why Fisher kept the secret until now : 1) She, then 19, was cuddling up to a then 32-year-old married man and father of two and 2) She needs to get this book sold.

Fisher and Ford reunited for last year's "Star Wars : The Force Awakens"

Fisher and Ford reunited for last year’s “Star Wars : The Force Awakens”

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