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Should the Skywalker saga end after Episode IX!?

After the ghost of Yoda beheads Kylo Ren in 2019’s “Star Wars Episode IX”, we’ll have concluded the Skywalker saga. Again. Or will we?

Speaking to EW about Lucasfilm’s future plans post-sequel trilogy, Kathleen Kennedy says they’ve yet to decide whether or not they’ll grease the wheels on another, third trilogy in the “Star Wars” series. If they don’t, of course, they’ll simply keep pumping out standalone spin-off films on such characters as Han Solo, Rogue One’s Jyn Erso, and Watto the junkyard knob.

“That’s a conversation going on right now, too,” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says. “I have to honestly tell you, could we [do nothing but stand-alones]? Sure. But I don’t know. We are looking at all of that.”

Personally, I think “Star Wars” needs to take a breather. The reason those original films worked so well, and cultivated such a mouth-frothing fanbase, was because of the wait we had to sustain between movies. One film in the “Star Wars” franchise each and every year (the current plan) is a bit much, no!? The fans will become spoilt kids in an endless room of toys – they’ll become so accustomed to having everything that nothing will be exciting anymore. As much as I enjoy seeing uncle George’s world expand, and for these next few films, I do think the galaxy needs a little time to rest up, procreate, play some ping pong, and flush out it’s overworked bowels before returning to a new trilogy or annual spin-off movie strategm. But then, after a few years, bring it back – at which time our hands will be ready to clap again, and our voices ready to scream again when that opening crawl kicks in after the Lucasfilm logo.

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