Watch : Carrie Fisher’s dog drool as actress talks Ford affair

A few weeks back, via the pages of her new book, “Star Wars” legend Carrie Fisher announced that she’d been bumping rude-bits with Harrison Ford on the set of the original 1977 movie.

While on the promo trial for said book this week, Fisher stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where she was quizzed by the host on just how saucy things got between the then screen newcomers.

In addition to explaining why she decided to drop the bombshell now, Fisher also spoke a little about the lack of female Jedi’s in the movie series (she clearly hasn’t seen the animated series) and the pranks that were pulled on the set of the flick.

While I’m sure Leia’s book (it’s called “The Princess Deepthroated” I believe?) is a grand read, and a real eye-opener, I think it’d be her dog Gary that would have the real juicy stories and can’t wait for his literary take on momma Carrie’s eventful life. Bring it, Gaz…


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