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Stallone KO’s Godforsaken

Sylvester Stallone has abruptly exited STX Entertainment drama “Godforsaken”.

The film was due to shoot this week in Atlanta. No reason has been given for the “Rambo” star’s exit.

Stallone brought the project to STX, worked on the project with writer Daniel Casey and producer Lawrence Grey, and even talked the then mystery project up at CinemaCon. As Deadline suggests, this is definitely going to sting like a bee bite to the big toe for STX.

Stallone was going to play an aging ex-con with more regrets than memories. Upon hearing about his son’s death, his solitude is quickly broken as he must now protect the only family he has left and avenge a son he hardly knew.

Deadline say Sly had “second thoughts” about doing the flick – probably the result of the notices he stole with “Creed” this time last year. It’s possible this one didn’t leave him as assured and convinced as the Ryan Coogler film did and he’s not going to work on anything less than super-solid now (but then, he did sign up for an “Escape Plan” sequel this month). At the same time, he might have left for another reason entirely – – say for that rumoured “Rambo” sequel!?

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