Wan big Star Wars rumour

Apparently there’s a reason Lucasfilm haven’t pulled the trigger on that oft-rumoured Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off film series.

According to EW’s Anthony Breznican, appearing on the Rebel Force Radio podcast, the “Star Wars” crowd are going to be utilizing the late Jedi in “Star Wars Episode VIII” and “Star Wars Episode VI”, hence postponing his solo adventures for the time being.

While Kenobi (voiced by Ewan McGregor) was heard briefly in last year’s “Star Wars : the Force Awakens”, I don’t think it goes without saying that nobody expected we’d actually see or hear much from the bearded warrior in future instalments. But from the sounds of it, Kenobi factors highly into the next two movies. And I think we know why and how, right!?

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor

As Bresnican speculated – and this is where we enter spoiler territory so ** WARNING WARNING, SPOILER SPOILER ** – Kenobi is likely related to foxpot Daisy Ridley’s Rey character, and that big bombshell will either be revealed in the next installment or the one following. Either we’ll see a ghostly vision of Kenobi, or in the least hear from him, as he appears before his daughter. Again, we all could be totally wrong, and Luke is revealed to be the father (though that’s too obvious, and how do you explain Rey’s British accent!?), maybe even Maz Kanata’s the momma (well, she could be!), but instinct says otherwise. And if this is all on the money, then we’ll find out the hows and whys of Kenobi and Rey in his solo movie later on. Maybe.

This rumour could turn out to be as fake as a “Showgirls” cast member’s bust because, after all, we’ve had similar rumours hit regarding characters being resurrected for the next films in the Saga – like Yoda and the Emperor – and as far as I’ve been able to decipher, the code on those was way off.

If and when a Obi-Wan Kenobi movie comes to be, Ewan McGregor’s agreed to be a part of it. Whether they want him or not – considering his link to the stinky prequels – is another question. Heck, Lucasfilm might have their artists doing mock sketches of Leonardo DiCario with a greying beard, yielding a lightsaber, as we speak.


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