Ruby Rose & Jason Statham speak for the first time about their Meg characters


Jason Statham is arguably the most celebrated action star of western cinema. Ruby Rose is one of the most in-demand up-and-comers in the genre. Set them both to star in a blockbuster about a giant, prehistoric shark and you’ve got an epic action hit on your hands. At least, that’s what Warner Bros have planned for 2018.

Moviehole was lucky enough to be invited to the set of the film in Auckland, New Zealand last month, where director Jon Turteltaub and his crew were knee-deep in the shoot. There we caught up with Statham and Rose, who dished the dirt on their roles in the movie.

“Her name is Jaxx, she has really cool hair, and she is the engineer on the vessel,” said Rose about her character. “She basically designed all of the gliders, all of the equipment, all of the technology that everyone’s using. So she’s a very very smart, scientific gal and she’s dedicated her whole life to marine life and to the ocean.”

While Rose is the brains, Statham is the brawn. The film follows his character Jonas Taylor, an expert diver who is recruited to help save the crew of an underwater vessel from a pre-historic 75-foot shark known as the Megalodon.

“It requires a physicality for sure for this role because he has to put himself in harm’s way for the greater good of everybody else,” said Statham. “So it’s a really great heroic role.”

Based on Steve Alton’s novel, “Meg” also stars Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis and Jessica McNamee.

Keep an eye out for the film when it hits cinemas in 2018.