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Star Wars: The Musical? Untapped talent from the Star Wars cast

Felicity Jones dancing in Flashbacks of a Fool

They can fly X-Wings, have conversations with droids, and are surprisingly comfortable in the desert heat. But these Star Wars actors are also great at one thing yet to be explored in the fight for good versus evil…dancing*.

In honour of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s” imminent debut, we take a look at the untapped talent the Star Wars Universe has waiting in the wings, in the hope that the next night club scene they shoot will include more than Jabba the Hut and some dodgy CGI (I’m looking at you ‘upgrades’ to “Return of the Jedi”).

Felicity Jones – “I’m going to be Brian”

Before Daniel Craig was James Bond, before Felicity was nominated for an Academy Award, they starred in a little independent film called “Flashbacks of a Fool”. While the film failed to register with audiences (and critics), and will not be listed in their ‘known for’ section of IMDB, the film is redeemable for this scene alone. And if you’re not already a Roxy Music fan, this sure will make you reconsider.

Ben Mendelsohn – Unicorn

Another “Rogue One” star took the opportunity to show off his moves in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “Lost River”.

Says Ryan about the scene: “[Ben’s] like just set up the camera and I’m going to go in and do my thing and I’m going to leave. And I said okay. I didn’t know what he was going to do. I put down the camera and he came in with his iPad and put on “A$AP ROCKY – F**kin’ Problems” by Kendrick Lamar and started this terrifying dance routine. It was amazing, so scary and awesome, and I didn’t know how to feel. It was one of those things where I was behind the camera, and it’s like you’re watching a unicorn being born.”

Oscar Isaac – “However you would not be wasting your time if you were dancing with her.”

While it’s unlikely Felicity and Oscar’s characters will meet up anytime soon (and there would be a slight age difference), Oscar cannot be overlooked for his disco dance moves in “Ex Machina”.

Bonus points for featuring another “Force Awakens” star Domhnall Gleeson (more dancing next time Domhnall!).

Oh yeah, he and Daisy can sing too…

And while we prefer not to think of the prequels as cannon, Natalie gets a spot for the ‘tude alone.

Natalie Portman – “I never said I was a role model.”

*Hey, “Guardians of the Galaxy” can do it…

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