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Megan Fox pricked by Poison Ivy role!?

Margot Robbie knows she’s attractive. Heck, she probably has the 2017 wall calendar of herself on her Chrissy list too. I’m betting she also has a block mounted Harley Quinn poster in her lounge room – right next to glassed still frames from her “Wolf of Wall Street” sweaty-sheets moment with Leonardo Di Caprio. Her iBook wallpaper is also likely this. No doubt about it. The girl knows she’s talented, sure, but after everything and anything ‘Harley Quinn’ sold – and considerably more than anything with just “Suicide Squad” on it did – this year, particularly those things baring her face and not her comic counterpart, she also knew she was a desired commodity. If not for Margot Robbie, “Suicide Squad” would be remembered about as fondly as…. Whatever else Will Smith has done over the past few years.

Warner Bros knows what it has in the Aussie spunk – as such, they have her starring in and producing her own “Suicide Squad” spin-off – yep, without the A-list stars that surrounded her first time around. Clearly people weren’t interested in Will Smith or Jared Leto, they wanted….. young blonde in tiny shorts. Those poster sales numbers verify it. And the guy counting the beans at the water tower in Burbank know that, if anything, from here out the “Suicide Squad” needs less guns, more bazookas… if you get my drift.

harley quinnThe studio have Robbie headlining “Gotham City Sirens”, with David Ayer (groan) back in the directors chair, before they even consider bringing the rest of the ‘Squad’ back to the screen. The movie, based on a recent DC comic title, sees Quinn teaming with some other vixens from Batman’s world. And who might play Catwoman, Poison Ivy and ? they haven’t said… but rest assured they’ll all be hot. Robbie, I believe, will be looking to make the superhero equivalent of a “Charlie’s Angels” with this one – babes, biffo, bikinis and, well, Batman (he won’t need to be coaxed to the set with a lot of greenbacks this time around).

One rumour that hit the internet today suggests that Megan Fox is up for the role of Poison Ivy in the film.

meganfoxEasy to believe, too. After all, Fox is a big comic-book fan. Furthermore, she’s been voted hottest girl in the world several years over. Of course, she’s being considered. Robbie is going to want to fill the frame with her skimpy shorts rubbing against ladies of equal statue and sexiness.

Fox, who has been doing “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movies for the past couple of years, would likely make for one heck of a vine-doused vixen. And yes, she’d definitely help sell posters. Sure, she didn’t much help “Jonah Hex” (another comic book adaptation), but that’s only because it was unwatchable. Even a Nutrogena commercial needs a storyline these days if we’re going to tune in. I digress, Fox would be a good ‘Ivy’.

Here’s a little look at the last actress to play the role on the big screen – “Batman & Robin”’s Uma Thurman. Time for an upgrade.




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