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Episode VIII trailer to hit early 2017!?

The trailer for the next “Star Wars” movie – Episode VIII (whatever-and-the-whatever-of-the-forces-for-Jedi-and-whatever-rebels-stuff) – should hit theaters next Spring.

Lucasfilm prez Kathleen Kennedy says in a new interview (see below) we can expect to find out the official title for the film (apparently it’s not one of those rumoured titles floating around the internet at present), as well as get a glimpse of the movie (hint : trailer), first quarter next year. Some predict it’ll premiere in front of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” movie in March or premiere at “Star Wars Celebration”. Or both. Either way, we won’t have to wait long into the year before seeing and hearing more on Christmas 2017’s biggest movie.

It’s an exciting time for “Star Wars” fans – “Rogue One” has just hit theaters, the “Han Solo” movie begins filming in February, “Episode VIII” is out next year, and finally, Mel Brooks has an opportunity to make another “Spaceballs”.

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