Dylan Dog, Single White Female get TV adaptations


TV pilots based on the films “Dylan Dog, Dead of Night” (originally a cult comic book) and “Single White Female” are in the works.

The first, “Dream of the Living Dead” is inspired by the Tiziano Sclavi Italian horror/noir comic “Dylan Dog”. Due to copyright reasons, the names have been changed but the general story line and characters remain the same.

Ford Everett takes on the ‘Dylan’ role, previously played by Brandon Routh in the ill-fated 2011 movie.

The pilot should be finished mid next year. Here’s a teaser :

Meanwhile, NBC is bringing the Jennifer Jason Leigh – Bridget Fonda thriller to screens.

Based on John Lutz’s “SWF Seeks Same”, the “modern-day reboot” will be penned and executive produced by Eric Garcia.

The update is set in San Francisco (unlike the film’s New York setting) and a soapy psychological thriller in which the lines between good and evil are constantly blurred.

When erstwhile con-artist Hedra (played in the movie by Leigh) uses her professional connections to target Allie (portrayed by Fonda), a seemingly moneyed colleague in search of a roommate, Hedra slowly begins to realize that her mark may not be quite as innocuous as she first seems. Soon, viewers will come to understand that Hedra may have met her match in Allie, making viewers question who is really being “single white female’d.”

Via ‘The Hollywood Reporter