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Felicity Jones contracted for Rogue One sequel? Pfft!

The internet is a frenzied mess this weekend with reports that every thirteen-year-old’s new wet dream Felicity Jones is – despite that conclude – signed to reprise her “Rogue One” heroine for a sequel.

Story has it that nobody from the new standalone “Star Wars” ‘story’ has been contracted for sequels – but Jones, who plays plucky Jyn Erso.

She, according to Commander Speculation, might be back for seconds. “Rogue Two”?

Why this is suddenly news is because a couple of weeks back someone asked Lucasfilm prez Kathleen Kennedy about possible sequels to “Rogue One”. Her answer, of course, was followed by a chuckle because – you stupid goot – there’s already a sequel… it’s called “Star Wars : A New Hope” and was released in 1977.

Without going into specifics, let’s just say that the main crew of “Rogue One” don’t live happily ever after. They’re not seen breakfasting at Admiral Ackbar’s in a post-credits scene either. By all accounts, their adventure finishes here.

So, why the option on Jones to reprise the role in a sequel?

Before the extensive rewrites (by Tony Gilroy), and before the heavily reported reshoots* on the movie, “Rogue One” had a much different ending – one in which Jyn Erso continues to fight another day.
Knowing we’d likely be asking the ‘well, why the f*ck haven’t we seen the character in the four movies that follow “Rogue One, then?” question, the committee clearly changed their mind on that and went for a more credible ending.

Will we see Jyn Erso again? I dunno, I guess there’s always the chance of a flashback cameo in something… or maybe she’ll pop up in one of the cartoon shows.. but that’s probably it. Buy the T-shirt, savour the memory.

“Rogue One : A Star Wars Story” is now showing in theaters – – following 25 minutes of commercials.

* a number of scenes, ones that we even saw in trailers, didn’t make it into the movie. Check out this exhaustive article from Collider on those moments here.

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