Cruel Intentions series officially dead


Even with original movie star Sarah Michelle Gellar onboard, NBC aren’t – in any way, shape or form – interested in “Cruel Intentions”.

As a series, the show – in its current form, anyway- is officially dead.

The series, a spin-off of the 1999 drama, was in contention for a slot on the network in May but was passed over. The options on the cast were extended by Sony Television in June, and shortly after, it was reported that the network was looking at premiering the show on their long-awaited NBCUniversal OTT service. The platform never became a reality, so that idea was soon scrapped, and a summer run on NBC was the last option. That’s not happening either. Over the past two months, NBC let Sony know that they weren’t interested in the series and so the producers have been shopping it to other networks.

Deadline says the show, which starred Gellar, Taylor John Smith, Kate Levering, Samantha Logan, Sophina Brown, Coby Bell and Bryce Cass, may now be retooled; if so, that new incarnation might land on one of the other interested networks.