Exclusive : Pitch Perfect 3 goes to Greece!

As Mark Wahlberg’s dog-beheading douche in “Fear” can attest, stalking sometimes pays off. I did some for y’all.

When “Pitch Perfect” star Skylar Austin let slip on Twitter that he – and his fellow Treblemakers – won’t be back for the third instalment in the bootie wigglin’ series, he also hinted that it was because of a major shift in the story that didn’t have room for the boys with bass.

He was right.

I’ve been able to find out just where the story takes the Bellas this time around. For both professional and personal reasons, there really is no room for Jesse (Austin), Bumper (Adam Devine) and the rest of their karaoke-king troupe in the new film. It wouldn’t make sense..

Cry, as I did, that the boys won’t be back but take solace in knowing in there’s new brawn coming!

And let’s be honest here, who wants boys, when you can have men!


If “Pitch Perfect 2” was a little too similar to the original (I can’t tell them apart to be honest. They’re the Mary Kate & Ashley’s of musical comedies), “Pitch Perfect 3” is a very fresh, revivifying inoculation in the series’ core vein. It should be fun.

So where are the Bellas headed this time?

An island in Greece – more specifically, the Naval Support Activity Souda Bay located in Crete.

They’re there to perform for the troops – some of whom are so charming and amusing it’ll make up for the lack of Adam Devine, Adam Devine and Adam Devine (did I say Adam Devine?)- alongside other groups, like Dew and Korean Town. Both are competing to play support to Maroon 5 (also performing for the soldiers stationed on NSA Souda Bay) on their next tour. Ooh, who needs Devine when you can have Levine!

As for Beca and Fat Amy’s relationships back home?

They’re basically done. Both find new love interests here – the former with a way-too-perfect-looking record executive who works for Maroon 5, by the sounds, and Rebel Wilson’s character with… a spunky chick into women (Your ex is swapping teams, Bumper!) – shocker.  Tabloids will be all over this one. Expect Ruby Rose to play Wilson’s squeeze. The other girls might find love – or lust – with the U.S soldiers on the base by sounds, especially that frisky red-headed one.

All the Pitches are back?

While most of the female cast of the previous two films return, there’s one that won’t have much screen time – any guesses? Yep, rising starlet Hailee Steinfeld (who made her Pitch debut in “Pitch Perfect 2”), whose character is performing elsewhere while her sisters are overseas in Greece. Steinfeld will probably only do a day or so on the movie. She’s big-time now. Needs a bigger trailer. Still, she’s doing it, so you dudes won’t be ‘starvin’ (geddit?).

All caught up now?

So, that’s the gist of next Christmas’s “Pitch Perfect 3”, which Trish Sie is helming from a script by series regular Kay Cannon and producer Elizabeth Banks. We’ll likely hear some additional casting news on the film in January.

If anyone wants to stick around, I’ll be back with what you can expect to play on my television after tonight’s Christmas dinner (the Grandparents are over, so it’s likely going to be something starring folks who passed away 85 years ago.)

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