Shazam! is Superman the antagonist of The Rock’s superhero movie!?

A few hundred posts ago it was revealed that Dwayne Johnson will star in the film adaptation of DC title “Shazam” – playing the villain, Black Adam, surprisingly enough – but what’s not known is whether or not the film will connect to any of the other overblown, critically-maligned DC properties?

Good news and bad news then -depending on which side of the camp you’ve pitched your tent.

Johnson and ‘Superman’ himself Henry Cavill caught up in Florida last week for drinks. Sure, they might just be getting together for a few bevvies before heading out to sample the Miami nightlife and seduce a couple of local exotic beauties but that caption at the bottom of the photo suggests otherwise.

Reading between the lines, it would seem Henry Cavill’s Superman will be a part of the “Shazam” movie. Makes sense, too – considering “Shazam” is about as known a brand as, well, “Ant-Man” in the movic universe, so a cameo or supporting turn from one of the screen’s biggest and most recognizable heroes would definitely help get people in theaters. Comparatively, Robert Downey Jr reprised his Iron Man role in both “Spider-Man : Homecoming” and “Captain America : Civil War”, to help them along, and on TV, The Punisher dropped by “Daredevil” last season. These costumed dudes get by with a little help from their friends.

If it happens (again, they could simply be teaming up to double team clubbers), expect Shazam and Superman to be teaming up take down Johnson’s Black Adam character.

Cavill next appears in “Justice League”, and is then rumoured to be headlining a sequel to “Man of Steel”; “Shazam” is due for a 2019 release.

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