Goodbye Princess. Carrie Fisher dead at 60.

Hard day. Can’t quite put this into words at the moment. I’m sure we’ll be talking about Carrie’s loss a lot, over the next months, so there’s plenty of time left to talk more about the joy this one-of-a-kind screen champ brought to so many, but for the moment I’ll simply post the same comment here that I have on Facebook :

I remember being at a convention, a decade or so ago, way before even the new STAR WARS were even a consideration, and saw a trio of old school STAR WARS cast sitting at a table, waiting for people to grab an autograph or photo with them. There were no lines to meet them, let alone anyone at all there to speak to or shake the hand of these iconic actors! I remember thinking “that’s heartbreaking, nobody seems to even remember these greats”. One of those actors was Carrie Fisher.
It was a moment I’ll never forget.
Carrie, in case you felt the same way that day, seems we were wrong – if you were around today to scour the social networks, and witness the plethora of hearts breaking around the globe for you, you’d know we were way, way off. You’re very much remembered.
I love you — but you know.
I’ll never forget the part you played in raising me.
Rest in peace Princess.

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