Has the premiere date for Twin Peaks been leaked!?


The whole “Twin Peaks will premiere at Sundance” rumour has been skittled by co-creator Mark Frost.

What about the latest one, suggesting that the show debuts April 30 on Showtime?

Frost isn’t talking. Must be something in that.

Showtime had previously said that the Frost and David Lynch-created series – returning a quarter of a century after the second season aired on ABC – would premiere sometime in the first half of 2017. An April broadcast fits in then.

The new series, which features a cast bigger than an Elton John post-Oscars party, sees, among others, Kyle MacLachlan reprising his agent Dale Cooper, Sherilyn Fenn back as sexpot Audrey Horne, Madchen Amick and James Marshall reprising tween sweethearts Shelley Johnson and Bobby Briggs, and James Marshall back as rebel-without-a-Laura James Hurley. New additions to the brand include “Mulholland Drive” alum Naomi Watts, Laura Dern (rumoured to be playing Cooper’s so-far-unseen assistant Diane), “Prison Break” scene-stealer Robert Knepper, Amanda Seyfried and Michael Cera (supposedly playing the offspring of Andy and Lucy).

The first two seasons of “Twin Peaks” will air on Showtime later this month, ahead of the Season 3 premiere.