Twin Peaks premieres May 21 & more details from the TCA’s!

Showtime announced today at the TCA’s that David Lynch & Mark Frost’s “Twin Peaks” will return to our screens May 21, 9pm with a special two-hour premiere episode. Following the premiere, two additional episodes will be available via Showtime’s streaming service. While donuts are confirmed, no word if ”damn good” coffee and cherry pie are returning for the threequel. While it’s been confirmed the series will run for 18 hours, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be 18 episodes.

David Lynch made a surprise appearance, giving up little but still captivating the audience with it’s distinctive theologies, mythologies and wondrous way of expressing enthusiasm.

Of the original series, Lynch suggested he was pressured by the network (ABC) to answer the ‘Who Killed Laura Palmer?’ question.

“Who killed Laura Palmer was a question we really never wanted to answer. That Laura Palmer mystery was the goose that laid the golden eggs. We were told to wrap that up, and it didn’t get going on again after that.”

In regards to the 1992 prequel movie, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”, and how it relates to the new series, Lynch commented, “It’s very important.”

With characters like Carl Rodd and Phillip Jeffries, both from “Fire Walk With Me”, believed to be a part of the new season – no surprise to hear that.

“The story of Laura Palmer’s last 7 days is very much important to this,” Lynch said of the new season.

Lynch didn’t rule out another season of the show, but said he has no plans at the moment to do a fourth season. Assumingly, it’ll be down to ratings and how the new series is received, critically-speaking.

The new season will reportedly fix on FBI Agent Dale Cooper’s return back to Twin Peaks (and out of the Red Room, presumably). While ‘Cooper’ himself Kyle MacLachlan was joined by co-stars Robert Forster, Diane Lane, Kimmy Robertson and Madchen Amick for the panel, nobody was talking – apparently Lynch requested they not reveal anything.

“I’m playing my very own character,” said Dern, dodging a question regarding whether she’s playing Cooper’s never-before-seen secretary Diane.’

As for long-time rumours that Forster is playing Sheriff Harry Truman, the character played by Michael Ontkean in the original series, the actor didn’t confirm. One rumour doing the rounds though suggests that the “Mulholland Drive” actor isn’t playing Harry but his older brother Frank – a character we first got wind of in Mark Frost’s recently-released “Secret History of Twin Peaks” book.

I love Michael, and I don’t really know the circumstances as to why he wasn’t there,” said Maclachlan. “But it wasn’t to be, and I understood that, and I got this guy here [Robert Forster], and he did a bang-up job.”

Attendees today received a very cool ‘Log’ pillow.

As for when we’ll see a trailer? Showtime’s David Nevins suggests we might not. Ever. “I don’t know whether we’re going to have a traditional trailer,” said Nevins. “You might start seeing some filmed pieces coming out but there definitely won’t be trailers that give away all the big plot points as is traditional in the movie business.”

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