Original Lost Boys to appear in new TV series?


Though it’ll be its own blood-beseeching, neck-sucking beast for the most part, Rob Thomas’s upcoming TV series based on the classic movie “The Lost Boys” might still feature some connections to the movie that started it all. Does that mean we’ll get to see the villainous David, played by Kiefer Sutherland in the 1987 film, and his motorbike-riding spites of the night?

At the TCA’s this week, Thomas (“Veronica Mars”, “iZombie”) suggested that while there’s a chance the show will eventually take a trip to Santa Cruz, the setting of the movie, and that there’s a possibility we might see some characters from the Joel Schumacher-directed movie – nothing is set in stone yet. And likely, he might only cave into those things when the network requests it. Much like Joss Whedon’s “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” series, Thomas ostensibly hopes the show can stand on it’s own without having to resort to fan-pleasing techniques like having Corey Feldman or Jason Patric make a cameo in ratings week.

Each season of the new “Lost Boys” series will be set in a different decade – beginning with the ‘60s. That could still theoretically mean “surprise” cameos.

“Vampires stay the same age, so those vampires that we meet in the ’80s in the original ‘Lost Boys’ movies could exist in the 1960s version,” Thomas said. “We could run into them there as well. We might not even have to wait until the ’80s to see that other ‘Lost Boys’ crew.”

The show, which will be set in San Francisco for the first batch of eps, would ideally run for seven seasons, says Thomas.

“In seven seasons we would catch up with present day,” Thomas said. “Technically we could be playing the 2024 election in seven years.”