Marvel : Dinklage for Avengers,’Cosby’ star for Black Panther,X-Men series ‘very promising’

Peter Dinkklage

“Game of Thrones” fave Peter Dinklage is in talks for “The Avengers : Infinity War”.

Dinklage had previously starred in comic book movie, “X-Men : Days of Future Past” in 2014.

The American actor is said to be up for a key role in the next two “Avengers” movies – the “Infinity War” saga – but other than that, no info on the character.

“Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War” will hit theaters May 4th 2018 and the follow-up is released May 3rd 2019.

Meanwhile, “Creed” and “Cosby Show” actress Phylicia Rashad is said to be up for a role in Marvel’s “Black Panther”.

Co-star Sterling K.Brown was talking about the superhero blockbuster on The Undefeated this week, mentioning Rashada’s name. Her name has since been omitted from the interview, suggesting the actor let slip something that Marvel didn’t want out there yet.

“Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix has been working on a small-screen “X-Men” series for Fox. Today at the TCA’s, FOX Chairman Gary Newman spoke with IGN about the series and where it’s at.

“We’re deep into development on that. We’re expecting a script shortly. The materials we’ve seen so far have been very, very promising. Development across the board this year is a little slower than usual, so we’re not, unfortunately, ready to make an announcement about it, but we’re very encouraged

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