Ho, Ho, Ho.. here comes Anna Kendrick!


The versatile Anna Kendrick will star in non-musical (the trade was quick to point that out) family comedy “Nicole”.

The female Santa Clause movie, set up with Disney, will be directed by Marc Lawrence (“Did You Hear About the Morgans”).

Lawrence, who got his start as a writer-producer on “Family Ties” (in other words, he’s not completely useless – despite that “Morgans” credit), also wrote the script for the film. Kendrick would play a female Saint Nick in the movie.

If it sounds like we’ve got little to go on here.. we have. Guessing we’ll hear more soon – or Kendrick will check out “Did You Hear About the Morgans” and “Music & Lyrics”, both of which Lawrence helmed, and abruptly drop out.

Via ‘The Hollywood Reporter