Harry Hamlin and Jimmy Smits back for new L.A Law?


Might we see original “L.A Law” studs Jimmy Smits, Corbin Bernsen, and Harry Hamlin in the newly-announced reboot?

Sure sounds like it.

Fox’s Gary Newman telling Deadline, “It is an interesting blend of old and new.”

The trade suggests “L.A Law” 2017 will take a cue from “The Force Awakens” – mixing new characters with several characters from the original, who’d now be bosses. Our money is on the above trio. Sadly, Larry Drake – who passed away last year – won’t be able to reprise Benny.

While the show has been developed in-house, it won’t automatically go to Fox.

“It will be taken to the other networks too,” said Newman.

Steven Bochco, the brains behind the original, is back for the new incarnation.

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