X-Files to get another season


In ‘it’s a given’ news, Fox announced at the TCA’s this week that a second series of the “X-Files” reboot will likely be on our screens before too long.

Hold up, as expected, is getting everyone’s – primarily stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s – schedules linked up.

“A lot of conversations are going on — as you can imagine, these conversations are complex,” Fox prez David Madden said during the network’s panel. “We hope to be able to announce something shortly.”

Talk of another batch of episodes kicked off the moment the six-episode “X-Files” revival aired last year.

Word is, Fox are hoping to get 18 episodes out of the series this time – as opposed to just six – and will make an announcement shortly about a possible return date (first quarter 2018 is the word).

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