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Dwayne Johnson getting his own superhero movie!

Hey DC fans, get ready for a whole lot more Shazam and Black Adam!

According to THR, New Line and DC Entertainment are developing two new films, one starring Shazam and one starring his arch-nemesis Black Adam, to be played by Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson’s casting is not altogether surprising considering he was already attached to play Black Adam in a “Shazam!” movie (in fact he has been for close to a decade). What may come as more of a surprise though, is that there are now plans to split the movie into two, one for the protagonist and one for Johnson’s antagonist. And it makes sense – Johnson is a superstar right now, why would you not give him his own movie?!

While the Black Adam movie doesn’t have a director or writer attached yet, THR reports Henry Gayden is working on the “Shazam!” script.

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