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Is Arnold in the new Terminator or is it Hasta la vista?

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger going to be involved in the next “Terminator” movie?

Of course he is.

In what capacity? Your guess is likely as good as James Cameron’s at this point.

Though the “Terminator” creator (who gets the rights back in a couple of years!) is uniting with “Deadpool” director Tim Miller on the next instalment of the long-running series, there’s no word on exactly what type of “Terminator” movie they’re working on – is it a film about the future wars, with John Connor? Is it a direct sequel to Cameron’s last “Terminator” entry? (“Terminator 2 : Judgement Day”)? Maybe it’s a new adventure, set in the same universe, with new characters? Yah, I know, unlikely… but you never know.

It’s so early maybe Cameron and Miller don’t even know?

What we can predict is the involvement of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the franchise’s trademark star, in some shape – liquid maybe? – or form. Considering he’s pushing 70 though, it’s unlikely Schwarzenegger will be back as the title character.

The Arnold Fans even have word from the big guy that he will ‘be back’.

“Arnold will BE BACK! Earlier this month, while TheArnoldFans was on the red carpet for Celebrity Apprentice, Arnold did say Terminator 6 is being developed when asked about his upcoming film projects.”

Cameron had said he quite liked 2015’s  “Terminator Genisys”, which featured Schwarzenegger as an aged Terminator, nicknamed ‘Pops’, so it’s possible he ports that character over to his and Miller’s film. Doubtful though. Likely he’ll want to do his own thing.

Arnold Schwatzenegger sporting his natural hair color in “Terminator : Genisys”

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