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The Flash movie goes back to square one!

There’s been some pretty negative stuff said about some of DC’s upcoming superhero films of late – and this latest bit won’t help dust off the dirt.

According to Variety, the script for the upcoming feature version of “The Flash” needs a page-one rewrite.  A few writers have come and gone from the film, most recently Rick Famuyiwa, but seems Warner Bros still isn’t satisfied with what everyone’s come up with. As a result, they’ve tapped Joby Harold (‘’King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’’, ‘’Robin Hood’’)   to start from scratch.

What this means is that “The Flash” isn’t going to meet it’s July 2018 release date – well, not unless the guy is on the ‘Limitless’ pill and can punch out an amazing script by the weekend. There’s just too much to do.

Ezra Miller, who made his debut as the character in last year’s “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice”, plays Barry Allen in “The Flash”.

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