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Harrison Ford in The Last Jedi!?

When Jimmy Kimmel asked Harrison Ford if – despite what went down at the end of “The Force Awakens” – Han Solo would be back for the film now known as “The Last Jedi”, the veteran actor flinched, zipped his lip and stayed mum.

And seems there’s a reason for that.

When Ford was first contracted for the “The Force Awakens” a couple of years back, Disney also locked him in for the two sequels to follow. While many dismissed this as a way to divert from the rumours that Solo was going to bite the dust in “Force Awakens”, others didn’t flinch – believing Ford would be involved in all three films in the new trilogy. While “Force Awakens” would understandably be the bulk of the work for Ford (because his character DID die at the end), it was suggested he might appear – a’la Alec Guiness style – in the remaining two films in the Kylo Ren trilogy. Considering Solo’s ties to the film’s main villain, Ren aka Ben Solo/Organa, it makes sense he reappear at some stage.

Now, according to reliable YouTube scooper Mike Zeroh, word on when we might next see Han Solo – and it makes sense. With Rian Johnson’s “The Last Jedi” reportedly full of flashback sequences (during Rey’s training apparently, to show us how Ren was seduced by the Dark Side and how his relationship with Luke changed), it’s said there’s a flashback in there with Solo (Ford) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), set before the events of 2015’s “Force Awakens”.

One scene will feature Ford’s Han Solo and Hamill’s Luke Skywalker reuniting on screen for the first time in over thirty years.

While Ford isn’t listed in the credits for this year’s “The Last Jedi”, nor was he said to be on the set during production, as the tipster says below they could have easily shot a sequence during filming of Star Wars : The Force Awakens and saved it for later.

Here’s the scoop :

Meanwhile, Disney and Lucasfilm have been meeting to discuss how to deal with the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher. While Fisher had completed all filming for “The Last Jedi”, it’s believed that her character has a huge moment to play in the final film in this particular trilogy (Colin Trevorrow directing that final film) so they do have to work out how they’re going to play that out now – if they decide not to rewrite the script.

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