Live By Night lost HOW much money!?

It hasn’t been a good for twelve months for Ben Affleck. His divorce kicked in, “Batman v. Superman” floundered like a fifth “Die Hard”, his brother suddenly superseded him on the Star Meter, and now, his first film of the year, the once promising-looking “Live By Night” is officially a bomb.

Warner Bros has reportedly loss $75 million on the Denis Lehane adaptation, insiders tell Variety. Considering the film cost $65 million to make, excluding marketing costs, and the overall gross is just $16.4 million worldwide, there’s bound to be more ‘sad Ben’ memes doing the rounds this month.

Warners and co-financer RatPac-Dune Entertainment are hoping the film does significantly better on home entertainment sales and TV licensing deals.

The Floridian gangster tale, which opened in December in the U.S and this month in Australia, starred Affleck as.

Reviews haven’t been kind to “Live by Night”, which our own Ashleigh calling it a stylish sleepy time.

“It’s not that “Live By Night” is a bad movie, it’s just that it’s not great. It has all the components to make a good film – an intriguing story, good acting, glitzy cinematography – however “Live By Night” simply lacks one intangible but important element: energy.”.

Affleck, who carved himself an impressive comeback over the past few years, largely thanks to directing efforts “Argo” and “Gone Baby Gone”, will be hoping audiences come around and lay down their dollars for his next couple of films – the expensive superhero blockbusters “Justice League” and “The Batman”, the latter of which he’ll also direct.

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