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The Batman, a [insert name here] film?

Hot on the rim of hard reports,earlier today, that Ben Affleck has been relieved of his directing duties on “The Batman” by Warner Bros because of how lousy his last directorial effort, “Live by Night”, did for them had opted not to direct his long-gestating “Batman” film, so he could concentrate on his performance in it (and his producing duties), word has already leaked on a possible replacement or two.

According to Variety’s Justin Kroll, Matt Reeves (“Cloverfield”) has reportedly been mentioned as someone on WB’s wish-list. They may wait to see how his “War of the Planet of the Apes” does, with film snobs and accountants, when it releases this July, I’m thinkin’…

And then there’s a rumour been tossed about regarding Christopher Nolan. Not at all surprisingly, Warner Bros has reportedly reached out to the man behind their seemingly unbeatable “Dark Knight” trilogy to return to the game for the new Batman. If there’s one person that could convince him – besides the WB brass, of course, whom he’s obviously friendly with having helped pay for most of their Christmas parties for the past decade or two – it might be Affleck, who has provided himself someone worthy of being in business with (in recent years, anyway). Still, can’t imagine it coming off. Think Chris feels he’s served his time with Batman.

Don’t be surprised if we hear Denis Villeneuve’s name spike up in relation to the film too. Currently a golden boy at WB, having apparently delivered something both visually stunning and cracking, storywise, with “Blade Runner 2049”, it’s almost a certainty he’ll be asked to meet with Affleck and the troops to see if he can’t do for the “Batman” franchise what he’s seemingly done for their other franchise. Gotta say, that would be one Batman worth watching.

It’s early days, so let’s hold off updating the IMDB page for the moment.

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