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List of those in contention to direct The Batman!

A day after it was announced that Warner Bros and Ben Affleck had mutually agreed the “Live by Night” director shouldn’t helm “The Batman”, Forbes has a rundown of filmmakers who are being considered to take head position.

Interestingly enough, one of the names on the list is “Blade Runner 2049” and “Prisoners” helmer Denis Villeneuve. And who reported that little nugget a good twelve hours before Forbes did? Our own Caffeinated Clint. Proof that our editor has connections in high places.

Along with Villeneuve, George Miller and Gavin O’Connor are also said to be contenders to direct the Bat-film.

Miller is an interesting one. The Australian filmmaker was set to direct “Justice League Mortal”, which would’ve featured the Caped Crusader, before the film’s collapse. Miller’s name has also been linked to a “Man of Steel” sequel in recent months.

O’Connor, who worked with Affleck on last year’s “The Accountant, was also recently confirmed for a “Green Hornet” movie.

Other names that have been linked to the job over the past 24 hours include Matt Reeves (“Cloverfield”), Matt Ross (“Captain Fantastic”) and Christopher Nolan, of “The Dark Knight” succession of films.

It’s quite likely NONE of these guys will end up with the job, it is after all early days, but interesting to see how high Warners are shooting.

While Ben Affleck won’t be directing the film, he remains committed as an actor, co-writer and producer.

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