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The Star Wars spoof we DON’T want on the way…


Those spoof-meisters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (”Scary Movie” franchise, ”Epic Movie”, ”Vampires Suck”) are now to set to take their destructive sabers to the “Star Wars” series. Yep, I know, I know… we can’t get another “Spaceballs” (the real ‘Star Wars’ satire we need) but someone’s willing to throw these guys more bank to take a poop in the back row of a multiplex again.

Friedberg and Seltzer’s spoof, “Star Worlds”, will reportedly “leave no convention, cliché, or iconic moment untouched in yet another hilarious parody guaranteed to make you laugh, gasp, cringe, and cry out while having the best time ever in a movie theater.”

At least they’re being honest – about most.

The film is currently in pre-production targeting a Fall 2017 shoot.

No word on casting yet but surely Fred Willard is already being measured up for his Jedi cloak.

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