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Now Affleck wants to quit Batman!?

And has Matt Reeves REALLY got the directing job!? Maybe not.

In today’s edition of ‘why don’t we just reboot the whole damn franchise again?’, Ben Affleck may be out as Batman.

Yep, you heard right. Yesterday he quit as director, because he wanted to concentrate on his performance in the film (“the Batman”), now he’s hanging up the cowl too. Oh so says John Campea on Collider Movie Talk, citing three separate sources who claim Affleck wants out altogether. John is a reliable, stand-up guy so if he says he’s heard something along those lines, chances are it’s true.

Affleck and Warner Bros are apparently nutting it out as we speak, the result of the meeting will either see Affleck sticking to playing Batman or ditching the cape. If Affleck exits, his last appearance as Batman will be in “Justice League”.

Seems nothing is locked down on “The Batman” – well, besides the producing committee’s fee. Though Matt Reeves (“Cloverfield”) is said to have been offered the job of directing the standalone Superhero film, a couple of other filmmakers are also high on Warner’s wish-list. If talks break down between Reeves and the studio (and with this Affleck brouhaha, especially if he leaves, they could very well), The Hollywood Reporter says the studio is going to offer the film to little-known newcomer Ridley Scott (can’t see Sir Ridley taking it on, can you?) or horror-master Fede Alvarez (“Don’t Breathe”).

Filming on “The Batman” is due to begin this Spring or Summer but I’d say it’s more likely going to start lensing when Gotham freezes over.

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