Mel Gibson to helm Suicide Squad 2?


UPDATED: Gibson has now confirmed that he is in early talks to direct “Suicide Squad 2”, revealing he and the studio are in “kind of a first date” phase of discussions. You can check out the video of Gibson discussing the film below, though the audio is difficult to make out.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fresh off his “Hacksaw Ridge” success, Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros is considering Mel Gibson to direct “Suicide Squad 2”. While that report doesn’t suggest that the studio has actually engaged Gibson yet, THR has released a story of their own, suggesting Gibson is in fact already in talks for the job.

That said, THR notes “the studio is not being passive and is also looking at other directors, Daniel Espinosa among them”.

In other Gibson-related news, the actor is officially confirmed to join Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in Paramount‘s “Daddy’s Home” sequel. News of his potential involvement in that film was first reported last month.

So who knows whether Gibson will in fact end up in the “Suicide Squad” director’s chair, though either way this is a good sign for Gibson. His involvment in “Daddy’s Home” marks his the first studio film since 2010 suggesting he may in fact have resurrected a career that many thought was well and truly dead. Whether that says more about Gibson or the Hollywood studio system though remains to be seen…