Real-life Atomic Bomb movie in the works with Cary Fukunaga at the helm


While it’s still in the early stages, Universal is developing a new movie about the 1945 atomic bombs that devastated Japan.

The studio is in talks with Cary Fukunaga to direct and for Hossein Amini to write the film based on Stephen Walker’s non-fiction book “Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima”.

Deadline brings the news, describing the book as follows: The book told a story of events that led up to a Monday morning in August 1945 when a five-ton bomb—dubbed Little Boy by its creators—was dropped from an American plane onto the Japanese city of Hiroshima, soon to be followed by another that devastated Nagasaki. The first blast left one-third of its 300,000 people dead and the city incinerated, and the dawn of the Atomic Age was launched. The book told the stories that led up to the fateful day, from the scientists who worked secretly on the Manhattan Project, some out of fear the Nazis would unleash one first if they didn’t, to President Truman White House that believed the Japanese would never give up and that countless casualties would be the result in a prolonged war, to the Japanese who witnessed the devastation and unimaginable horrors.

Working Title Films’ Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Liza Chasin will produce.