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International titles for The Last Jedi provides plot answer!

First thing most of us asked, when the title for the new “Star Wars” was revealed a few weeks back, was “What does The Last Jedi mean?”.

Did the title refer to one, final lightsaber-wielding hero – say, Luke? Or maybe Rey?

Or does the title refer to a flock of Jedi- like a group of Jedi Knights?

Seems it’s the latter!

International titles for the new film have been revealed (‘Die Letzen Jedi’ being one), and upon translating the language, it would seem the “The Last Jedi” refers to a plurality of Jedi.

But don’t be throwing any ‘that means Luke Skywalker survives this movie!’ parties just yet though; according to one source, the distributor has told international distributors that the title has both a singular and plural meaning.

Via ‘The Hollywood Reporter

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