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Twin Peaks : Season 3 : New Promos, Warren Frost death

Two new promos for [one of my favourite new recent peer pressure discoveries] “Twin Peaks” suggest that Laura Palmer, despite being buried for twenty five years, still figures highly in the reboot. Additionally, the brief teaser fixing on Agent Dale Cooper’s evil doppelgänger suggests that the character’s duality will be a focus of the Showtime drama when it returns in May.

The first promo, centering on Laura Palmer – in particular her body and a copy of her legendary photo, seemingly taped to a frame – suggests that Sheryl Lee’s murdered prom queen returns in a big way. Some on the social networks have also suggested that if you slow down the video, and study it frame by frame, you can see the eyes on Palmer’s wrapped-in-plastic corpse open briefly (!).

The second promo, featuring the last scene of the series (the big ‘Cooper is BOB!’ reveal) along with a previously-seen shot of the older Agent emerging from the shadows (and assumingly Red Room), no doubt encompasses a few clues — if one can be bothered studying it super close. Fans?

In other “TP”-related news, veteran actor Warren Frost – the actor father of the show’s co-creator Mark Frost – sadly passed away this week. He was 91. A legend of the acting game, Frost was best known for playing both Donna’s devoted dad on “Twin Peaks” and for his recurring turn on “Seinfeld”. Frost had recently reprised ‘Doc’ Hayward for the Showtime revival.

Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

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